Boost up your connectivity with these audio adapters from our Tackle Box

Having 10 year+ experience in organizing outdoor movie events, Open Air Cinema team proudly presents a new super handy product: Event Producer's Tackle Box.

It has everything to help you plug in almost any device, connect it to any audio device and make it an integral part of your outdoor movie event.

Event Producer's Tackle Box
Everything you need to face the event producer's worst case scenario.

Audio Adapters and Cables
1. 3.5mm - 3.5mm M (3ft) 
This cable is also called Mini-Jack to Mini-Jack Cable is one of the most frequently used cables in event production. For example, you can get the audio signal from your headphones output on the front panel of the rack-mounted audio mixer in your CineBox Pro and connect it to another audio mixer or sound card line-in.

2. 3.5mm - Dual RCA M (0.5ft)
In our CineBox Pro consoles we provide a 4-channel audio mixer. Whether you want to play background music from your iPhone before the screening or you need a spare audio channel for an additional media device.

3. 2x XLR F - 6.35mm Stereo
Audio mixer that is part of your CineBox Pro console has XLR audio output. Many event locations that come your way might have 6.35mm input. Usually your customer may ask you to use the local audio system. With the Event Producer's Tackle Box that we offer you there's no need for you to carry around extra 6.35 mm cables. Just connect through these adapters.

4. 3.5mm M - Dual 6.35mm F
Most of the modern devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops have 3.5mm stereo audio output. With this adapter you can play music directly to active speakers with 6.35mm input or connect to most professional audio mixers.

5. 3.5mm M - Dual XLR M
This adapter lets you plug in your gadget to most professional audio mixers.

6. 2x XLR M - 6.35mm M
This small and portable adapter is very handy when it comes to sourcing audio signal from your active speakers output and passing it on to a local audio mixer on your next event location with a standard XLR Male to XLR Female audio cable.

7. 2x 6.35mm F - XLR M
Plug in your CineBox audio mixer to speakers via a pair of Jack wires (6.35 mm).

8. 2x RCA F - 6.35mm M
RCA was the most wide-spread audio output for video devices before HDMI and optical audio standards came around. This adapter will help you get audio signal out of VHS player. For those of you who are vintage fans.

9. 2x 6.35mm Coupler (F - F)
Take two short 6.35 mm wires and make one long out of them.

10. 2x 9V Battery
There are many wireless mics that won't work without this rare power source. So it's always good to have a spare one around.

11. 4x AA Battery
Batteries of this type are used to power the wireless microphone included in your CineBox Pro console.

12. 4x AAA Battery Audio devices such as MP3 players, portable transmitters, flashlights and the remote of your projector are powered with AAA batteries.

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