You can use these video adapters from our Tackle Box to connect to almost any device

Having 10 year+ experience in organizing outdoor movie events, Open Air Cinema team proudly presents a new super handy product: Event Producer's Tackle Box.

Open Air Cinema Event Producer's Tackle Box Video Adapters

Open Air Cinema Event Producer's Tackle Box Video Adapters.

It has everything to help you plug in almost any device, connect it to any video device and make it an integral part of your outdoor movie event.

Video Adapters and Cables

1. DVI (M) - HDMI® (F)

At times you find yourself working at a location where there is a powerful though outdated projector that only has a DVI port. With this DVI Male to HDMI® Female adapter you can plug in your CineBox Pro Console or any other HDMI device to this 'dinosaur-age' projector.

2. Thunderbolt® (Mini DisplayPort 1.1) - HDMI®
In the middle of the event you find out that your sponsor company wants you to stream a fancy new ad. Their rep has it on his MacBook, with only a proprietary mini display port on-board. Your reaction will be, "No problem," because you are furnished with this Thunderbolt® (aka Mini DisplayPort 1.1) to HDMI® adapter.

3. HDMI® Coupler (F - F)
Every seasoned outdoor movie producer can recall a situation when there was a need to put the projector just a bit further from the signal source. It's not a problem at all if you have two HDMI cables that you can turn into a single long one with our HDMI® Coupler.

4. HDMI® - Mini HDMI® (Type D) or HDMI® Type C 
In case you did not know that there are three different sizes of a Standard HDMI port, take for example HDMI type D that is used in Amazon Kindle Fire HD. For such exotic device compatibility, Open Air Cinema include HDMI® to Mini HDMI® (Type D) or HDMI® Type C plug into our Event Producer's Tackle Box.

5. Apple Lightning - HDMI®
Apple's iPhone is the most common mobile device in the United States. Whether you have your film copy back-up in your iPhone or you want to stream Netflix via 4G connection feel free to tap into the Event Producer's Tackle Box for your Apple Lightning to HDMI® adapter.

6.HDMI® (M - M)
Usually these days, HDMI cable is an indispensable component of a projection system. It brings video signal from a source device to a projector. At times, your main HDMI gets broken, or sometimes you simply want to plug in one more device to your second HDMI port. That is why -- for backup -- included in our Tackle Box you will find a lightweight HDMI cable.

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