Be always ready for your next big event with these media storage accessories and multi-tools from Open Air Cinema

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Having 10 year+ experience in organizing outdoor movie events, Open Air Cinema team proudly presents a new super handy product Event Producer's Tackle Box. It has everything to help you plug in almost any device, connect it to any audio device and make it an integral part of your outdoor movie event.



microSD HC 32GB
Nowadays there are just too many standards for video signal transfer from mobile devices. But the good old microSD is your best friend when it comes to pulling media from a good deal of devices. Many Android phones and tablet computers have a microSD slot. In your Tackle Box from Open Air Cinema you will find a 32Gb card which can contain at least 10 Full HD feature-length films.


microSD - SD Adapter
Now that you have your favorite content on a microSD card you might want to play it with your laptop or media player.

With this adapter and the microSD card you can create back-up copies and improvise with your content library for the event copying any media from your mobile gadgets.


USB Universal Card Reader
This tiny gadget has all the card slots that you can think of: Compact Flash for professional-grade cameras, Memory Sticks for SONY devices and MMC for that vintage standard of yours.


3ft USB Extender (M - F)
We don't know why but device manufacturers have a nasty habit to put USB slots in the most inconvenient place. Let's say you need to provide power through USB to one of those HDMI media sticks. This is when this 3ft USB Extender comes in handy.


Multi-tool Kit
You can never tell when exactly you will need to fix a torn cable or replace your projector bulb. This is why we have you covered with this all-in-one multi-tool kit. Included also is an Electrical Tape.

Open Air Cinema is movies under the stars. When the flick is over and your mesmerized audience is headed home you are left with the often strenuous task of packing up. Darkness can be a problem. Just switch on the headlamp from the Event Producer's Tackle Box

Cord Wraps
It is always a pleasure when during your event when the cables are kept in order thanks to these cord wraps.

There's more in our Event Producer's Tackle Box:

You can use these video adapters from our Tackle Box to connect to almost any device

Boost up your connectivity with these audio adapters from our Tackle Box

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