Event Producer's Tackle Box
Event Producer's Tackle Box

Event Producer's Tackle Box

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Finally, everything you need to face the event producer's worst case scenario. These 22 Audio/Video adaptors will allow you to take nearly any output and connected it to any input.

It's time to start packing the Event Producer's Tackle Box. If a device fails, quickly work around it by sending the video or audio from almost any source to any device.

The Event Producer's Tackle Box has 22 vital adaptors each labeled with their specific use. You don't need to be an AV pro to use this life saver. Each compartment is labeled with the adaptor name, example of use and picture.

Rest assured that next time something goes wrong at an event you can tackle the job with the Event Producer's Tackle Box.



Apple Lightning → HDMI® 

DVI Male → HDMI® Female

HDMI® Coupler (Female → Female)

HDMI® → USB Type С (4K Support)

HDMI® (Male → Male)


(2) XLR Male → 6.35mm Male

(2) XLR Female → 6.35mm Stereo

3.5mm Male → 3.5mm Male (3ft)

3.5mm Female → Dual RCA Male (0.5ft)

3.5mm Male → Dual 6.35mm Female

3.5mm Male → Dual XLR Male

(2) 6.35mm Female → XLR Male

(2) RCA F → 6.35mm M

(2) 6.35mm Coupler (Female → Female)



microSD HC 64GB

USB Universal Card Reader

3ft USB Extender (Male → Female)



Multi-tool Kit

Electrical Tape


Cord Wraps

(2) 9V Battery

(4) AA Battery

(4) AAA Battery


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