Elite Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 30'
Elite Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 30'
Elite Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 30'
Elite Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 30'
Elite Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 30'
Elite Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 30'
Elite Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 30'
Elite Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 30'
Elite Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 30'

Elite Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 30'

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Entertain hundreds of your community members with a state-of-the-art, giant, Open Air Cinema Elite outdoor movie screen. 

Open Air Cinema’s Elite Series of inflatable movie screens are for park and rec directors, Drive-ins, community organizations, event producers, military bases, and businesses who entertain hundreds to thousands of people at a time. Elite Screens are designed for mobile, fast inflating, manageable outdoor cinema productions.

Boasting our most durable construction and engineering, your Elite Series screen will become an investment that will last for years to come. Constructed of puncture resistant heavy duty vinyl weft material, all Elite series screens are NFPA 701 fire compliant and have a 3-year warranty and are made in the USA.

Open Air Cinema’s Elite Screens feature a theatrical-grade cinematic quality projection surface that is hand-washable. Chose from different styles of projection surfaces for your specific needs: (1) front-only projection with black backing, (2) semi-translucent grey for optimized rear projection, (3) dual-front-rear projection capable, and (4) winter-worthy, won't crack in the freezing cold (good for Drive-ins).  

Open Air’s Elite series has strong double stitched seams made with the strongest threads available.  They are engineered to withstand winds up to 35mph without incurring structural damage. Extra wide structural tubes, multiple 5,000 pound rated tethers, and attached steel rings offer extra stability in windy conditions, allowing you to watch movies in winds up to 20mph. We design our screens to withstand poor weather conditions often better than even your audience.

Open Air Elite Screens are the best on the market and are the screens of choice of outdoor cinema and film industry professionals. Owners include the LA Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and Coachella.

Size Options

Elite Outdoor Movie Screen Kits

  • 25’ x 14’ (29’ diagonal) – Our 25’ Elite Screen projection surface is 350 square feet. It weighs 298 pounds and is great for a group of 1000 or more and up to 100 cars.
  • 30’ x 17’ (34’ diagonal) One of our popular screens, the 30’ Elite pack a huge 510 square foot screen projection screen and weighs in at 342 pounds. It is designed for audiences in the 1,500 ranges or up to 150 cars.
  • 40’ x 22’ (46’ diagonal – The biggest screen we make) the 40’ Elite Outdoor Movie Screen has a giant 900 square foot screen, perfect for guests of 3,000 or more and up to 300 cars. It weighs 550 pounds.

Download CineBox™ Elite Brochure


- Inflatable frame with directional labels throughout structure
- Transport bag with handles, cinch straps, & directional tags
- Theatrical-grade matte-white projection surface connected using bungees
- Inflatable screen blower + sound dampening box
- Protective ground cover, with strap
- High tension ropes (8)
- Heavy duty steel stakes (4) and carry bag
- Sledgehammer
- Repair Kit, sunset start time guide, projector distance placement guide
- Printed instruction manual (available for download)
- 5 year warranty on frame, 3 year warranty on projection surface


Brand and models of equipment are subject to change due to availability. Any changes will be comparable to item shown


CineBox™ Elite Brochure

Elite Screen Setup Guide

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