Top 25 Outdoor Movie: Robin Hood (Disney Animation)

A couple weeks ago, we posted about the latest version of Robin Hood by Ridley Scott (screened at Cannes 2010), but now we'd like to tell you about our favorite version of Robin Hood for our Top 25 Movies of All Time list: the 1973 animation by Disney.

This classic animation is loved by all, and makes for a great outdoor movie for several reasons. But first, here's a clip from the film where the jolly characters sing, "The Phony King of England":

Robin Hood has long been a classic Disney animation, and a household favorite, ever since its release way back in 1973. The film follows Robin Hood, a fox (reminds us of Fantastic Mr. Fox), who as in every story, steals from the rich, and gives to the poor.

Robin Hood and his gang are constantly being pursued by the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John, after King Richard lions) was hypnotized into going on the crusades by Sir Hiss (a snake). Robin is re-acquainted with Maid Marian (also a fox), a childhood sweetheart, and will do anything to be with her. Luckily for him, Prince John announces an archery contest, with the winner getting a golden arrow and a kiss from Maid Marian. Robin dresses up as a Stork, and gets tangled up in a mess that will make the entire family be on the edges of their seats, while laughing and having the best of times.

Robin hood stork costume

This movie is a great pick for an outdoor movie for several reasons. First, everyone loves this movie! This will really draw a crowd, as this is a childhood favorite for kids now, as well as their parents (who watched this when they were kids). For most of your audience, it won't be a movie that they watch all the time, but is enough of a favorite that it will cause them to come out and watch it under the stars.

As we mentioned before with animations, Robin Hood will look clear and bright, as it has bright colors with high contrast. The really awesome thing about some of the older Disney movies is that they are musically based. This film is almost a musical, and if you could get it as a sing along, would make a very fun experience as a community wide sing along.

The costume opportunities are endless with Robin Hood! A costume contest for this movie would be awesome, and would really engage the families in the night's activities. You could also have an archery contest (with non-metal tipped arrows of course), with prizes being given by local businesses and sponsors. There are so many ways to use Robin Hood to engage with your community, and this is a major reason why we added it to our Top 25 list.

Robin Hood and Friar Tuck characters

As with any Disney movie, make sure you check with Swank Motion Pictures about when Robin Hood is available for licensure, as there are specific times of the year when you can screen this film. And as usual, please let us know if you have screened this film as an Outdoor Movie! We'd love to share your story with the rest of the Open Air Community. Send us an email at

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