A Fantastic Outdoor Movie Pick in Atlanta, Georgia

We just read here that Fantastic Mr. Fox will be screened as an Outdoor Movie on May 29. We love this film, and wanted to suggest it as a great idea for your next Outdoor Movie screening. Here is the official trailer for the film: The Oscar nominated animation tells the story of Mr. Fox(George Clooney), a fox who moves into a new home at the base of a tree with his wife Felicicy (Meryl Streep), and their son Ash (Jason Schwartzman), even thought they were warned against the move by their badger lawyer (Bill Murray). The family of foxes quickly realizes they made a mistake when three nearby farmers attempt to eradicate them from their home. After the family digs a deeper hole, the farmers decide to stake out near the entrance of their home, as they deduce that eventually the foxes will need to come out for food and supplies. Soon the family bands together with other ground animals stuck in the hillside. The Fantastic Mr. Fox outfoxes the evil farmers, and leads the group of animals in an adventure the entire family will enjoy! The most amazing part of the film is in the animation itself. Most of the motion was created through the stop-motion process, a method that employs the laborious creation of miniature sculptures and their physical movement through the film plane. The majority of what is seen in the film is actual physical material, not 3D graphics like most contemporary animations. This is what makes the film truly enjoyable for the entire family (next to the witty and intelligent narrative) - a beautiful and complexly wonderful set that will keep parents at the edge of there seats, while the children enjoy the funny and imaginative story with characters that perform at the top of their game. The film is bright and high in contrast, and will make for an excellent outdoor movie screening. Is anyone else planning on screening this film in the near future? If so, we'd love to hear how it goes! Send us your story at community@openaircinema.us.

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