Top 25 Outdoor Movie: Life is Beautiful (La vita E bella)

For our next Top 25 Outdoor Movie, Life is Beautiful (La vita E bella), a triple Oscar winning film, follows the story of an Italian Jewish man (who has a very funny persona) and his experience of falling in love with the woman of his dreams, only to experience the horror of the holocaust with his young son and wife.

But it is Guido's (played by Roberto Benigni, also the film's director) humor and optimism that keeps his young son and wife hopeful as they face the tragic experiences of the war in a Nazi death camp.

As Guido works in the camp, he makes up a game whereby his son can earn points towards winning a tank- but really instructs his son to do certain things in order to keep out of danger.

Guido and his son in the "Life is Beautiful (La vita E bella)" movie

The film is moving on many levels, and makes a great outdoor movie, especially for teenage audiences and up. We've listed it in our "date night" section, as it is best for teenage audiences and up.

Back in 2008, we screened the film at the Bridal Veil Film Festival, and we got a really great turnout from our local community. Life is Beautiful is a favorite film of many, and you'll certainly get a big audience and a great response if you choose to screen this at your next Outdoor Movie screening.

Life is Beautiful (La vita E bella) movie poster

Life is Beautiful will have you laughing and crying, as you experience this phenomenal film.

Has anyone else shown this movie in their community? If so, tell us your story! Did your audience enjoy the film? Would you recommend that others also screen it to their communities? We look forward to hearing what you have to say, and posting your responses to this blog.

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