Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies

Top Halloween Outdoor Movies

The results are in from the Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies list! We asked outdoor movie enthusiasts from around the world to send in their five favorite spooky flicks, for a chance to win an Open Air Cinema 9' Home Screen. We randomly selected Josh Dukes as the lucky winner of the screen, but we've taken all of your suggestions into account, and have assembled the final list.

Shutter Island
We've divided the list into two sections.  "Family Halloween Movies" are perfect if you're planning on screening an outdoor movie at your family or community Halloween party. These films should be appropriate for all ages, but of course you should always keep your community in mind when selecting a movie to screen under the stars. The family list is full of fun and entertaining films that are either directly themed around Halloween, or fit the list because of other reasons (such as the Twilight Series, which appropriately is about vampires!).

The "Scary Halloween Movies" are great if you are out to really scare your friends this year at your Halloween monster mash! The list is full of classics, but also has some recent films that have definitely entered the canon of great scary movies that will be watched for generations to come. Most of the movies on this list are for mature audiences only, and so make sure you review the film ahead of time (or read our review), to make sure it is appropriate for your group. All of these films came from Open Air Community members' suggestions, and we think there are some pretty good selections.

Some of these films are definitely scary, and watching them outdoors in the woods with your inflatable movie screen will surely heighten the spook factor! Imagine watching Blair Witch Project in the Autumn woods, or Session 9 near an old abandoned building! So check back to the blog frequently to see our reviews of the Top 25 Halloween Outdoor Movies. We'll have some great suggestions of special activities you could do with each film. And if you are able to screen a film on the list for your Halloween event, post your story to the comments section of the particular movie! We'd love to see how your event went! And if there is a movie that you think was overlooked, and that has to be on the list, feel free to email us your suggestions. Happy haunting, here's the list!

Still from the Beetlejuice - Evergreen outdoor movie classics

1. Beetlejuice
2. Casper
3. Corpse Bride
4. Edward Scissorhands
5. GhostBusters
6. Harry Potter
7. Hocus Pocus
8. The Nightmare Before Christmas
9. Signs 10. To Kill a Mockingbird
11. Twilight Series
12. Young Frankenstein

SCARY HALLOWEEN MOVIES (Not for small children)
Rosemary's Baby Still

13. Amityville Horror
14. Arachnophobia
15. Blair Witch Project
16. The Exorcist
17. Halloween Series
18. Jaws
19. Paranormal Activity
20. Rosemary's Baby
21. Scream
22. Shaun of The Dead
23. Session 9
24. The Shining
25. Shutter Island

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