Open Air Tutorials: Cleaning Your Open Air Elite Screen

When you combine weather, terrain, and frequent use, let's face it, your Open Air Screen can get a little dirty. We have good news! Our inflatable outdoor movie screens are durable and easy to clean.

Many of our customers have asked us what the best method for cleaning their screen is so we have compiled the following list of tips to help you keep your Open Air Screen looking new and professional. Open Air Elite Screen Cleaning Tips:


  • Always try to avoid packing your Open Air Elite Screen up when wet. The moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow on the screen. If you have to pack it up wet, try to open it up to dry as soon as possible.
  • The frame and projection surface of the screen are made of highly durable materials, however it is best to avoid harsh cleaners like bleach or ammonia. Mild-detergents, dish soaps, and environmentally friendly soaps all work well for cleaning both the projection surface and the inflatable frame.
  • A little soap goes a long way. You will be surprised at how clean your Open Air Screen will be after just using water, but for those spots that need a little extra work just mix a small amount of soap with warm water and scrub with a cloth or soft brush.
  • If soap is used for cleaning make sure that it is rinsed off thoroughly when finished.
  • If possible, lay your Open Air Screen out on a hard clean surface (like a warehouse or gym floor) for cleaning. Grass fields are fine, but be careful when walking on the projection surface so that you don't stretch or puncture the material. Always remove your shoes before walking on the screen.
  • When your inflatable screen is clean make sure to allow it to dry before folding it up. 

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