Online Tools For Outdoor Movie Event Producer

There are many things to remember when you prepare for your outdoor movie event. Here’s a list of tested and approved online services that we use at Open Air Cinema on event pre-production stage:


Bright light is the worst enemy of Outdoor Movie Event producer. If you’d like your projected image to be vivid and crisp - we recommend that you start your screening 20 minutes after the sunset. The most convenient tool to determine a precise sunset time at a specific location on a specific day is.. Google search bar:

Check Sunset on Google

Just type in your query, including date and location of your interest.


Weather in LA GoogleProjection Distance

Most likely, experienced movie event producers know projection distances for their set of equipment. But what if your client wants to use their own projector? Or you have several projection systems and want to check where you need to place your 20 ft Outdoor Movie System projector to cover a 12 ft Inflatable Screen?

Currently the most convenient online tool to estimate your projection distance is Projector Central Projection Calculator:

Projection Calculator by Projector Central

While Open Air Cinema Pro and Elite Inflatable Screens can get wet, you’ll want to know and be prepared to protect your electronic outdoor movie equipment from the elements. In case your event doesn’t have a fixed date - you’ll want to schedule it for the day with less precipitation forecast probability. The experience of a warm summer movie night under the stars is much more pleasant then hiding behind an umbrella.

There are many weather forecast services out there -- and we bet you have your favorite one -- but the quickest way to have a glance of what Mother Nature has to offer on a specific day and place is again.. Google search bar:
Google Weather Forecast - Searchbar
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