Waterbury, Vermont: Ben & Jerry's Free Outdoor Movie Festival

Ben & Jerry's Outdoor Movie Festival in Waterbury, VermontIf you haven't seen the posters around town, here's the line-up for the remaining films of the Ben & Jerry's Free outdoor Movie Festival. The films are shown on the top level of the parking garage at City Center (the building Ben & Jerry's scoop shop is located in near State & Main) and start around dusk which would be around 8:30 these days. If the weather is good, I might try taking my son to one of them. There's something about watching a movie under the stars that makes even crappy movies entertaining. By the way, the same movies are run at the Ben & Jerry's factory in Waterbury on the Saturday following the Montpelier showing. The benefit of the Waterbury showing is that it's not a school night. The downside is that the factory is the #1 tourist attraction in the state and it probably gets mobbed with annoying tourists. July 19 | Antz July 26 | Catch Me If You Can August 2 | Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone August 9 | The Little Rascals August 16 | Dr. Seuss' A Cat in the Hat August 27 | City Slickers Original Blog Post: http://false45th.blogspot.com/2007/07/ben-jerrys-free-outdoor-movie-festival.html

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