The Sound Dampening Blower Box: An Essential for Every Outdoor Movie System

outdoor movies Contact us today to order your Sound Dampening Blower Box by calling 866-802-8202, or by using our online contact form. You can also order the blower box directly from the Open Air Cinema store by clicking here. Open Air Cinema has engineered a Sound Dampening Blower Box for each of it's inflatable movie screen systems. The Sound Dampening Blower Box significantly reduces the noise from your portable movie screen fan, ensuring that you and your guests have the quietest and most enjoyable movie under the stars. When your movie is on, you'll hardly notice your inflatable movie screen fan, but with a Sound Dampening Blower Box, your event will remain quiet throughout the entire duration.В  This is important for occasions that need that extra silence, such as weddings, corporate presentations, and more formal occasions.В  But even if the blower box isn't a necessity, you'll notice a huge difference in noise reduction, giving you and your guests the best possible outdoor movie experience. Remember that the blower box is only available through Open Air Cinema, as we create the best products in the outdoor entertainment industry. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 or use our online contact form to place your order for your Sound Dampening Blower Box! We look forward to talking to you soon.

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  • How much are these? I need 7

    Marcia Prescott

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