Outdoor Movies Made Easy: Create a Home Theater in Your Backyard

outdoor movies With Open Air Cinema's CineBox theater systems, it has never been easier to set up a Home Theater in your own backyard. With multiple sizes to choose from you can find the right size for your backyard and entertain a crowd of any size with your outdoor movie screen. Never before has setting up outdoor movies in your backyard been easier, you'll find yourselfВ  watching movies in your backyard so often you might not use your TV at all anymore.

Setting up Your Outdoor Movies

Setting up your Open Air Cinema CineBox theater system for outdoor moviesВ is a breeze. With our carefully designed systems you'll be able to set up your outdoor movies with just one person, no heavy lifting or complicated equipment involved in any way. In just a few easy steps, your backyard will transform into a fully functioning outdoor movies theater, with just a little experience you can get things up and running in less than 15 minutes. Projector, screen, and sound system all ready to go, all included in your Open Air Cinema CineBox System. With our easy to set up system, the only thing that you'll have to wait for is the sun to go down.

The Outdoor Movies Experience

With your outdoor movie system you'll be able to create memories and experiences that you won't be about to find anywhere else... right in your own backyard! An Open Air Cinema CineBox Theater System will allow you to give your friends and family a night that can't be replicated, over and over again.

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