Outdoor Movie Tutorials: Cleaning/Caring For Your Open Air Elite Screen

  Outdoor Movie So you may be wondering how to clean and maintain your inflatable screen. Good news, it's not hard at all, although there are few things to watch out for. As long as you follow some simple guidelines, you'll get years and years of use out of your outdoor movie screen, while keeping the screen's surface at the highest possible quality.

Outdoor Movie Screen Care

We strongly recommend cleaning your outdoor movie screen after each use to ensure the screen's longevity, as well as providing the sharpest and brightest possible projection area. If you're using our Home model, try spot cleaning with water or your favorite brand of bleach-free cleaning wipes. If you have a deeper stain on our Home model, you can try mixing a bleach into some water, but make sure to keep a ratio of 2 drops of bleach per eight ounces of water. WARNING - using bleach can potentially yellow the screen's surface and/or lighten the black nylon that surrounds the screen, so err on the side or caution.

Outdoor Movie Detailing

As a last resort for particularly tough stains you may try washing your outdoor movie screen in a washing machine on using the ‘delicate' setting - although allowing your screen to enter a washing machine will void your screen's warranty. Please consider all other options first, but if you've determined that washing your screen is the only option for you, use only environmentally safe, bleach-free detergents and allow the screen to air-dry rather than placing it in a dryer.  Always remember to allow the screen's material to completely dry before storage, or else you'll risk damaging the screen with mildew. Also, whether your packing your screen up or letting it dry, make sure to clear the ground of any debris before allowing your screen to come down. Laying your screen on a large blanket or tarp on top of the ground is great way to avoid any further scratches of stains.

Ensure Your Outdoor Movie System's Longevity

If you follow the above steps and provide simple, routine care for your screen you'll be able to use your outdoor movie system for years to come. Don't forget to contact us if you have any additional questions regarding maintaining your screen, we're always happy to help.

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