Outdoor Movie for your next Date Night

Outdoor Movie Unique romantic gestures can be hard to do.В  A walk in the park, roller skating, trip to the zoo, there are a million choices. Next time you are planning a night with someone new or significant other try a twist on the classic dinner and a movie, by taking it outdoors.В  An outdoor movie at home instead of the public space of a drive-in can be a fun change.В  It is also easy with Open Air Cinema's portable outdoor movie screens and cinema systems that give that big screen feel while in the privacy of your own yard! Make a romantic gesture by pairing a favorite love story with a dinner and drink combination inspired by the film.

Classic Romantic Outdoor MovieВ Night

Casablanca is on top of nearly everyone's list of romantic love stories.В  Watch Humphry Bogart and Ingrid Bergman's fraught tale as an outdoor movie under the stars. В  Alongside the film make a themed meal with Moroccan Stew and delicious cocktail.В  Moroccan Stew can be vegetarian friendly with garbanzo beans or deliciously hearty with browned beef.В  That distinctive savory and tangy flavor comes from a mix of olives, raisins and cilantro alongside root veggies.В  Serve over couscous. Top off your dinner and an outdoor movie with a French75, the classic drink enjoyed by both characters at Rick's Bar.В  Combine gin, champagne, lemon juice and simple syrup to taste over ice.В  Garnish your drink with a twist of lemon.

Funny Outdoor Movie Night

If a romantic comedy is more your taste for an outdoor movie try When Harry Meet Sally with some diner food! В  Throughout that movie it seems they are always in a diner having burgers and salad.В  Grill a simple cheeseburger, or garden burger for vegetarians. В  Pair with french fries or a green salad and finish with a slice of apple pie.В  Complete your outdoor movie meal with a glass or two of red wine following the character's lead when they are at dinner parties. Enjoy your romantic evening under the stars!  

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