Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine: The Best Screenings of 2014

This open theatrical stage was converted into a cinema hall for the Kyiv International Short Film Festival.В    Contributed by Open Air Cinema's Ukrainian correspondent, Nicholas Bazanov 2014 was a remarkable and exciting year for Open Air Cinema Foundation Ukraine! Initially founded in January of 2014, the foundation has already supported dozens of significant socio-cultural initiatives. Despite the difficult political and economic situation in Ukraine, Open Air Cinema Foundation has managed to become an important player and voice in the midst of current events. In reflecting upon the achievements of the year, we looked through our image archives to highlight the best screenings of 2014. The City Beach Club in Kyiv is located far away from the nearest natural water feature, although you can find all the attributes of a real summer beach. We've decided to add some movie screenings for even better experience! Open Air Cinema Cinebox Home 20' Outdoor Movie System at the biggest contemporary art museum of Ukraine Mystetskyi Arsenal. What a great feeling to enjoy a good movie by the river during the warm summer sunset. Ukrainian classic movies on a cozy rooftop. Open Air Cinema Foundation brings obscure cinema titles of the1930's to Ukrainian audiences everywhere.    

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