MobMov Presents Outdoor Movies in Guerrilla Drive-In Movie Theaters Around the Country

Outdoor Movies in a Guerrilla Drive-In Movie TheaterThis is the modern drive-in: With hundreds of chapters across the globe, the Mobile Movie is bringing back the forgotten joy of the great American drive-in. Powered by cars and video projectors, "mobmovs" are easy and affordable to set up for outdoor movies almost anywhere. Abandoned warehouse walls spring to life with the sights and sounds of an open air cinema. has been in operation since 2005, and is the earliest "revival drivein" of it's kind. In fact, the term "MobMov", short for Mobile Movie, was originally coined by Bryan Kennedy, the founder of, to describe the unique "drive-in that drives-in" method he developed. Today, is powered by do-it-yourself'ers like you across the globe, all joined together in the goal to bring outdoor cinema back, in a new, sustainable way. It's free to join and lots of fun. What is the Mobile Movie? We are the global guerrilla drive-in movement bringing back the forgotten joy of the great American drive-in and outdoor films. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, what used to be a dark and decrepit warehouse wall springs to life with the sublime sights and sounds of a big-screen movie. Best of all, the MobMov is free. Why should I join the MobMov? Because you like watching and supporting great independant films. Because you want to meet others in your community interested in bringing back the drive-in. Because you're tired of the long lines, long commercials, and high ticket prices at the local cineplex. Because outdoor cinema is fun! How do I participate in a MobMov? Simple. Sign up to our mailing list. Showings are held approximately every two weeks usually on the weekend. The day before the Mob, we'll e-mail everyone with the location and the movie. If you want to join in, all you have to do is fill your car with your friends and find the spot. What does a typical MobMov look like? The exciting bit about the MobMov is that its almost never held in the same place twice. At the start of the show, you'll tune your radios into the station specified at the beginning of the film, and then sit back and relax. Is MobMov a "Guerilla Drive-in" or not? Of course we are! But definitions are tricky. You may have heard of the Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-in. Without attempting to belittle this great movement, it isn't a Guerilla "Drive-in" but a Guerilla "Walk-in". Santa Cruz literally created the GWI, but we've gone beyond that original concept and created a true drive-in experience. In a traditional format like Santa Cruz, a bunch of guys would haul out a projector, some marine batteries, a screen, and some speakers to a park. Everyone in the know would in turn bring blankets and sit down. This is a very cool thing to do, but it isn't a "drive-in" in most senses of the term. Our goal in creating the MobMov was to create a true "drive-in" experience by enclosing the projector and an FM transmitter inside a car. Participants drive in to a parking lot, tune their radios, and watch their favorite flick from the comfort of their car. As far as we know, we're the first ones to attempt this on a public scale. We didn't create the term "Guerilla Drive-in", but we're the first to use it correctly. This new approach is better for a variety of reasons. Drive-ins were popular originally because it was like having your own private cineplex - if you wanted privacy, you'd just roll up your windows. If you wanted to be part of a community, you'd roll them down, open your doors, maybe even walk around. Secondly, while a traditional GDI only operates in the summer, you can stay in your car with the heater running while participating in a mobmov. That's rain or shine folks and folketts. How do I start my own MobMov? Interest has been growing in the mobmov at a rapid pace. We've heard from people all over the world who want to see it brought to their shores and towns. Well, we say, the more the merrier! If you're interested in starting your own mobmov, we're happy to lend a hand in getting started. To that effect, we have video animations, equipment lists, and tutorials on how to set all of this up yourself. We'd love to list you as a "mobmov chapter" on this site, and host a mailing list for showings in your area. So click on the e-mail us link at right and we'll get you going. Why do you call it MobMov? Our name contains far more significance than simply being short for "Mobile Movie". Mob: much like Flashmob and similar movements, the MobMov is organized over the internet, appears for a short time in a random location, and disappears just as quickly as it came. Try that with your parents' drive-in! Movment: we like to think of ourselves as movie mercenaries of sorts - we bring free outdoor movies to the community, providing a new, wholesome night-time use for the forgotten areas of town. MobMov Official Website

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