How Loud is an Open Air Cinema Inflatable Screen Air Blower?

Inflatable Screen One thing to consider when you're setting up your inflatable movie screen is how much noise the air blower will generate. In most cases outdoors, you won't notice the sound of the air blower's fan at all. Usually, the sound of the inflatable screen air blower is easily absorbed in the outdoor environment by things like trees, bushes, and the open air itself. In addition to the sound of the air blower naturally being softened by the surroundings of theВ inflatable screen, the audio from a P.A. or sound system will also work to overpower most environmental noise. Inflatable Screen Blowers There are some cases in which you may want to add some extra protection regarding sound dampening with your inflatable screen system. In you're planning on using your inflatable screen indoors, or in a tight outdoor space, and you're concerned with the possibility of excess noise from the air blower, you might consider purchasing an Open Air Sound Dampening Blower Box. Our Sound Dampening boxes insulate the sound of the blower's motor while allowing the blower to operate smoothly, without overheating. The Sound Dampening blower boxes come in two sizes: small and large.В  The small size is perfect for reducing the blower noise for our Home and Pro models of inflatable screens, while the large size is recommended for our larger-sized Elite model Open Air inflatable screen. Both sizes of our Sound Dampening Blower Boxes, as well as many other useful items can be found on our accessories page, located here ( ). Our Inflatable Screen Works in all Situations In most situations, the sound generated from blowers that drive our inflatable screens will go unnoticed. To insure that your inflatable screen blower and sound system are operating at a acceptible noise level, try giving them a test run in the environment that you're planning to hold your screening, prior to your event. If a situation arises where additional steps are needed to secure a noise-free screening on your inflatable screen, one of the two sizes of our Open Air Sound Dampening Blower Boxes should do the trick to present a low-noise setting for your indoor or outdoor screening.

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