Las Vegas, Nevada: A Blast From the Past With Outdoor Movies at the Las Vegas Drive-In

Outdoor Movies at the Las Vegas Drive-In, NevadaBefore this past spring it had been about 20 years since I'd last been to an outdoor movie at a drive-in movie theater. Our neighbors discovered one not too far away from where we live and invited us all, so we headed out and had a blast. We went several more times last spring and this weekend it was finally cool enough to go again. There's not much that can change when it comes to a drive-in even the concession stand is like stepping back in time to the 70's (it's been open since 1966), the same way the one I grew up with was (though that one is no longer around). The only differences between the one in my small hometown and the one here are that there are a lot more surrounding light and noise (you get used to it), and you no longer have to use the little metal boxes to hear the movie, just tune into a radio station. It's sad to me that drive-ins are such a rare find anymore. It was so exciting when mom would load up the car with blankets and pillows and a big bag of popcorn when we were kids and I was starting to think my own kids would never get that experience. Thankfully, they will! West Wind Las Vegas 5 Drive-In 4150 W. Carey Ave. North Las Vegas, NV 89030 Phone: (702) 646-3565 Source: The Las Vegas Adventurer. Read full article at:

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