Baltimore, Maryland: Watch a Movie Under the Stars in Baltimore, Maryland

A Movie Under the Stars in Baltimore, MarylandOne of cinema's most endearing romances will be featured in a movie under the stars event in Baltimore, Maryland. This is your opportunity to impress that special someone in your life. A romantic movie, the stars, breezy warm air that encourages cuddling... it's a perfect night out. "Roxanne" - the 1987 interpretation of Cyrano de Bergerac, written by its star, Steve Martin, is a comedic romance that will be entertaining for all. The outdoor movie will be shown at 8:30 tonight at the Abell Open Space (300 block of E. 32nd St. in Charles Village). Steve Martin plays the film's protagonist, the modern Cyrano doomed to a life with an enormous nose. Fortunately he has the poetic prowess of the masters, and uses it to his advantage. Daryl Hannah plays the leading lady, a beautiful astronomer who has attracted a clumsy firefighter's affection. The suitor, inept at speaking to the other sex, enlists the fire chief -Steve Martin's character- to talk him through his courtship -literally. Despite the familiarity of the tale, the movie is marvelously fresh and sweet. Don't miss this classic tale in a beautiful outdoor cinema setting.

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