Event Pro Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 12'
Event Pro Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 12'
Event Pro Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 12'
Event Pro Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 12'
Event Pro Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 12'
Event Pro Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 12'
Event Pro Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 12'

Event Pro Outdoor Movie Screen Kit 12'

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Entertain hundreds with our durable, easy to use Pro inflatable screens. They're perfect for event rental companies, resorts, and poolside use.

Open Air Event Pro Outdoor Movie Screens are impressive free-standing inflatable screens. These screens are for those who demand high quality, durability, ease of use, and a flexible application. With sturdy construction and reinforced material, this projection screen is ready for big events and repetitive use.

All Event Pro series inflatable movie screens come with a two-year warranty, feature easy one-person set-up, and have a 35mph wind rating. Open Air Cinema screens use an air blower that blows continuously. This guarantees your event will go off without a hitch and the screen will stay fully pressurized no matter what. Double-stitched construction and constant air pressure ensure that our Event Pro outdoor movie screens will stay inflated, even if a hole were to develop.

Pro Inflatable Screens SpecificationsAll anchor tethers on the Event Pro Series are rated at 2,000 pounds per tether, ensuring stability in windy conditions. This series features a resilient seamless matte white front/rear projection surface that can be easily removed with heavy duty zippers. You can even wash the projection surface in a regular washing machine to remove dirt or stains from frequent use.

Open Air’s Event Pro inflatable screens will save you time, stress and money for years to come. What sets the Event Pro series apart is its free standing A-frame structure, taking all the work out of set-up. In still wind conditions, one person can inflate the screen without even securing the ropes. Simply turn on the blower and the screen stands on its own within a minute.

Screen Sizes

  • 12’ x 7’ (14’ diagonal) – The 12’ Event Pro outdoor movie screen is the highest quality screen you can buy for the money. At 84 square feet, and 80 pounds it is a great option for smaller spaces and audiences of around 100.


Pro Screen Components

16' x 16.5' x 7.5' inflatable movie screen frame
12' x 7', wide screen, matte white wrinkle free zip-off projection surface
8 tethers
4 heavy duty steel stakes
Protective ground cover for screen
Protective carrying bag
Repair kit
Air blower

12' Pro Screen Specification

  • Screen Size: 12' x 7' (3.66m x 2.13m)
  • Aspect Ratio: Wide - 16:9
  • Audience Size: Grass: 100 / Chairs: 175 / Standing: 500
  • Diagonal: 13.9' - 166" (4.24m)
  • Projection Surface: front/rear, removable blackout backdrop, zip-off, washable, matte-white, wrinkle-free, self-tensioning
  • Protective ground cover for screen
  • Air Vents: Velcro and zipper, easy access for rapid deflation
  • From ground: 3'6" (1.06m)
  • Frame Dimension: 16' x 12' x 7' (4.88m x 3.65m x 2.13m)
  • Screen and Accessories Weight: 80lbs (36.3kg)
  • Blower: 1/2 HP
  • Shipping Weight: 125lbs (56.7kg)
  • Inflate time: <20 seconds
  • Included Items: Durable Twist Stakes, Cinch Straps, Carrying Bag
  • Crew complement: 1 person
  • Wind rating: 35mph (audiences generally leave by this point)
  • Warranty: 2 Year


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