Outdoor Home Theater System 20'
Outdoor Home Theater System 20'
Outdoor Home Theater System 20'
Outdoor Home Theater System 20'
Open Air Cinema Home CineBox™ 2021
Mackie Thump 215
Mackie Thump 215 Rear View
Outdoor Home Theater System 20'
Outdoor Home Theater System 20'
Outdoor Home Theater System 20'
Outdoor Home Theater System 20'
Removable Backdrop - Rear projection
Removable Projection Surface - Washable
Outdoor Home Theater System 20'
Outdoor Home Theater System 20'

Outdoor Home Theater System 20'

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Our CineBox™ Home Audio Visual outdoor movie system is perfect for your back yard or park and comes in sizes ranging from 9' to 20' to accommodate crowds of 30 to 500. 

Open Air’s Outdoor Home Theater System rips the roof off the home theater and brings it outside! You can host small groups of a couple dozen with our 9' system to well over 500 guests with our 20’ Outdoor Home Theater System. That includes EVERYTHING you need to host a huge backyard movie event, a night of Pay Per View fights, or live sports on a 20’ wide projection screen.

Screen sizes ranges from 9’, 12’, 16’ and 20’ wide.

*International Voltage Option Available

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The Outdoor Home Theater System Includes:

  • Your choice of a 9’, 12’, 16’ or 20’ genuine Open Air Home Outdoor Movie Screen
  • Air blower, tie downs, and metal twist stakes for screen
  • 1080p HD DLP ultra bright outdoor projector
  • WiFi streaming compatible rack mounted Blu-ray player
  • Dual speaker system
  • 4-channel mixer + bluetooth
  • CineBox professional grade central media console with microphone
  • Mobile Device to HDMI adaptors and cables ables 

Audience Sizes



H-9 H-12 H-16 H-20



30 100 250 500



75 175 400 1000



250 500 1000 3000


  • 20’ x 11’ (23’ diagonal) – The big Daddy of the Open Air’s Home Series. At 45.5 it is considerably heavier than the other screens in the series, but that is because it is just that much bigger! Our 20’ foot screen offers 220 square feet of cinematic quality projection surface, comfortably seating an audience of well over 500. 



This outdoor theater system includes a high definition 1080p DLP projector and a Blu-ray player (capable of streaming Netflix, Youtube, etc).

Central media console, weather resistant, padded: includes 4 channel mixer, rack mounted Blu-ray player, adaptors, HDMI cabling, etc.

Powerful outdoor speakers

*Each of our systems can be equipped with packages that will enhance your specific viewing needs, including gaming, 3D, and 4K HD options. International systems are available with 220v power and region free players. Please call +1.866.329.3180 for more information.

*International systems available with 220v power and region free players (call +1.866.329.3180 for more info)

Components + Specification


    • Light weight, yet durable inflatable movie screen with widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
    • Matt-white wrinkle-resistant projection surface
    • Black-backed projection surface blocks lights from behind, improves contrast ratio (removable)
    • Air Blower
    • Twist-in yard stakes, clip-on easy-cinch straps to secure your inflatable screen
    • 1080p HD Projector 
    • (2) Powerful outdoor speakers
    • Blu-ray player (DVD compatible. Access over 300 streaming services including movies, TV shows, music and more from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, and more.)
    • User-friendly audio mixer (includes DVD, MP3, Microphone compatibility)
    • Complete set of audio/visual Mobile-friendly cables and adapters
    • Headlamp (for easy operation in the dark)

20' Home Screen Specification

  • Screen Size: 20' x 11' (6.1m x 3.4m)
  • Aspect Ratio: Wide - 16:9
  • Audience Size: Grass: 500 / Chairs: 1,000 / Standing: 3,000
  • Diagonal: 23' - 276" (7m)
  • Projection Surface: matte-white, wrinkle-free, self-tensioning, blackout backdrop
  • Air Vents: Tight zippered, easy access for rapid deflation
  • From ground: 3'2" (96.5cm)
  • Frame Dimension: 24' x 13.2' x 2' (7.3m x 4m x 61cm)
  • Screen Weight: 45lbs (20.4kg)
  • Blower: 1 HP
  • Shipping Weight: 74lbs (33.6kg)
  • Inflate time: <20 seconds
  • Included Items: Durable Twist Stakes, Cinch Straps, Screen Storage Bag, Protective ground cover for screen
  • Wind rating: 20mph (audiences generally leave by this point)
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Brand and models of equipment are subject to change due to availability. Any changes will be comparable to item shown


CineBox™ Home Brochure

CineBox™ Home System User Guide

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