Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Laser Projector in Case
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'
Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'

Cinebox Elite A/V System 30'

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Entertain thousands of your community members with a state-of-the-art, giant, Open Air Cinema Elite outdoor movie audiovisual system.

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Now you can replicate the complete cineplex experience at your community park, film or music festival, resort, or military base thanks to our Elite Outdoor Movie Systems. With unmatched quality, durability and versatility, the Elite System is perfect for accommodating truly large gatherings that need equally impressive audio and visuals to complement the event.

Despite its size and durable, puncture-resistant material, the Elite Series outdoor theater system is easy to manage. The Elite outdoor movie screen sports a removable surface for cleaning, allows rear projection for a crisper image, and comes in sizes only available to this series.

Featuring our most durable construction and engineering along with the very best audiovisual equipment, your outdoor theater will become an investment in your community that will last for years to come.

Working in tandem with your state-of-the-art Cinebox™ audiovisual console and speaker system, you’re sure to delight and surprise your guests with crisp and vibrant sights and sounds, all while taking in the fresh air of the outdoors. Our Elite outdoor movie systems come in 20, 25, 30, and 40-foot sizes.

Each of our systems can be equipped with packages that will enhance your specific viewing needs, including 3D and gaming usage.

*International Voltage Option Available

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  • Our Elite outdoor theater system is the most portable large venue outdoor cinema system available today.
  • The Elite cinema package boasts a state-of-the-art inflatable Elite Screen, high definition DLP projector, two rack-mountable film festival-grade Blu-ray players and 12-channel mixer, etc.

  • The Elite Screens are puncture proof, wrinkle-free and will not deflate. Made in the USA, all Elite Screens come with a three-year warranty. Elite Screens come with our Standard Front Only projection surface. Luminance: 0.9 on-axis.

  • Custom outdoor systems are available for a wide range of environments and audience sizes. Depending on your venue, the Elite System can be customized to come with a screen capable of both front and rear projection. Additionally, we offer a standard or super quiet generator to assure clean quality power you can rely on. FM transmitter can be availed for drive-in style events.

  • Projector is by industry leaders in large-venue projectors, with optional projector lenses, brightness of up to 15K lumens and 3D options.

  • 6 x 1000W (each) portable active speakers for powerful, bone-rattling quality sound. Speakers can be combined with subwoofers and amplifiers for that heart-pounding sound.

  • Elite Extras: multi-screen monitor previews, advanced video switcher, wireless microphone, padded protective case for projector and extension power cables, 2 x air blowers (one for backup), screen repair kit, Event Producer's Tacklebox.

  • An in-depth on-site training is available to ensure you get years of worry free use out of your outdoor cinema system.

  • Each system can be customized to meet your unique event needs. International systems available with 220V power and region-free players (call +1.866.329.3180 for more info).

System Components

Open Air Elite Screen:

- Inflatable frame with directional labels throughout structure
- Transport bag with handles, cinch straps, & directional tags
- Theatrical-grade matte-white projection surface connected using bungees
- Inflatable screen blower + sound dampening box
- Protective ground cover, with strap
- High tension ropes (8)
- Heavy duty steel stakes (4) and carry bag
- Sledgehammer
- Repair Kit, sunset start time guide, projector distance placement guide
- Printed instruction manual (available for download)
- 5 year warranty on frame, 3 year warranty on projection surface

1080p HD 6000 Lumen Laser Projector + waterproof padded case

Central Media Console:

- 12-channel audio mixer + bluetooth input
- Wired & wireless microphone
- Rack-mounted blu-ray player with XLR out! 
- 2nd blu-ray player, international region free, with wifi, Youtube, and Netflix
- Video switcher
- Dual Preview Monitors
- Pull-out laptop drawer
- Power conditioner / lights
- Storage Drawer
- 3 Headlamps
- Padded case with wheels, open-faced top
- iPhone to HDMI 2.0 Adaptor
- USB C to HDMI 2.0 Adaptor
- 2x 10ft HDMI 2.0 Cables

- 4 Active Speakers (2000W)

- Event Producers Tackle Box
- Microphone Stand
- Speaker Bags
- Speaker Stand Bag
- Screen Repair Kit
- Triplehead LED Lit Extension Cord 25’ 50’ 100’

24/7 Online Tech Support

 Elite Upgrades

- 5500 Watt Super Quiet Honda Generator

Brand and models of equipment are subject to change due to availability. Any changes will be comparable to item shown


CineBox™ Elite Brochure

Elite Screen Setup Guide

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