Outdoor Movies Are Part of a Strong Swimming Culture in Zurich, Switzerland

Outdoor Movies While Swimming in Zurich, Switzerland

In Zurich, life pulsates beside, in and on the water. Zurich's river and lake swimming facilities have developed into recreational oases, where people do more than just splash around. And after dusk, a number of swimming facilities turn into bars, stages and cinemas.

Some 1,200 fountains within the urban area pamper thirsty passersby with pure drinking water. Idyllic waterside locations offer tempting natural spectacles and relaxation, such as walks along the banks, outdoor movies, boat trips, or the Rhine Falls, Europe's most powerful waterfall.

Where else can you swim in a river or lake right in the city center? In Zurich, it's simply part of the culture. Whereas swimming in a river or a lake is a daily ritual for many of the local inhabitants, guests in Zurich also find this the ideal way to cool down after a shopping trip or a museum visit.

With around 40 facilities, the city of Zurich offers the highest swimming facility density in the world. Of these, 18 lake, river and open-air swimming areas invite guests to cool down under the open sky and enjoy the company of others, often with a drink in hand, or watching an outdoor movie. The Filmfluss open-air cinema and the Flussbar at the Unteren Letten are one of the most popular spots for swimming and an outdoor movie. At the Unterer Letten river swimming area, the open-air cinema, Filmfluss, screens films for around two weeks in summer. Food and drinks are provided at the Flussbar, which is open every Tuesday independently of the film program and also offers cultural events.

More information: www.filmfluss.ch

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