Zupermovies Celebrates 4th Season of Outdoor Movies in New York

ZuperMovies is celebrating our 4th Season of Outdoor Movies in Upstate/Western New York. We've screened over 100 events for customers ranging from as far West as Evans, NY to as far East as Oneida, NY. We are looking forward to very exciting/entertaining Summer with more than 60 events already on the calendar. Next Friday, June 11th we will be donating our services for the 3rd consecutive year for a Lakeside Memorial Hospital benefit (small local Hospital). In addition, we also donate our services to a number of local "Relay's for Life" (American Cancer Society) and this fall will donate for a second consecutive year to a very unique event named "Camp Out for Cancer" in Barker, NY. I am attaching a few very special photos of our events. 1st - Clarkson Good Neighbor Days - The event has been going on for years (how many I don't exactly know). The supervisor of the Town is a great guy named Paul Kimball. While a small community, they love to cater events to the kids of the town. The movie is preceeded by live childrens bands and performers. The movie is follow by a wonderful Fireworks display by Young Explosives (Rochester, NY). The best part of this event is the short intermission we infuse allowing the kids to get up stretch out and do a little dancing to some popular animated music videos. Clarkson Outdoor Movie 2nd - Pittsford Movies at Thornell Park - Probably my most successful partnership. Jessie Hollenbeck, Director of Recreation, has really taken hold of this event. Offering advertising opportunities to local businesses and marketing the events extremely well. They currently hold the 2009 ZuperMovies' attendance record. The best part of this event was the glowing necklaces in the audience as well as the total attendance. Pittsford, New York: Outdoor Movie 3rd - "Park-It-In-Parma" Festival - another small community with a BIG turnout. This is an event that is tied into a wonderful town festival. Residents are encouraged to Camp-Out in the beautiful town park and enjoy an evening of Bands, Food, Fireworks and of course the best Outdoor Movies provided by ZuperMovies. The Director of Recreation, Steven Fowler, is always looking for the newest movies to satisfy the growing attendance. Fourth Year will be the 4th year in a row (movie undecided). Best part is the overwhelming ovation at the end of the movie. park-it-in-parma-outdoor-movie 4th - Perinton Amphitheater. This event is special to me as I love this venue our Open Air 25x14 Elite screen fits perfectly. We screened our 1st event last summer at this venue and am anxiously awaiting the 2010 event. Perinton Outdoor Movie All photos are by Kathryn Dishong Photography. Thanks, Mike Cuzzupoli, owner www.ZuperBounce.com www.ZuperMovies.com

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