Wyndham, Australia: North Western Australians Psyched to Watch 'New Moon' Outdoor Movie

MOVIEGOERS will soon be able to see all the stars under the stars at Werribee Park. Regent Cinemas Werribee and Parks Victoria will this month launch a season of outdoor movie screenings at the park.

Movies under the Stars will kick off with the largest screening in Australia of teen vampire movie The Twilight Saga: New Moon. It will be beamed on to a big screen for 2000 people in the park's formal gardens, in front of the mansion, at 12.01am on November 19.

What do you think of Twilight being screened in Werribee? Will you be going to see it? Leave your comment below.

The Leader asked Baden Powell College p-9 Tarneit Campus students why the Twilight series is so popular?

Lucy, 13, (Team Jacob): I think it's popular because it's different to other movies, it involves teenagers and there's the fact that there's a vampire and then there's normal people.

Amy, 12, (Team Jacob): I think it's popular because you can picture yourself in it and picture yourself in Bella's shoes, which I've done many times! And you actually feel for the characters. (When Edward breaks up with Bella) people can actually relate to it, because when you break up with someone it actually feels like it's the end of the world. They're the only books that I've wanted to read more than once.

Edward and Jacob are hot! Hayley, 13, (Team Jacob): I think so many people like these books because it's fantasy and romance mixed together and you can relate to all of the characters depending on your personality.

Jordyn, 13, (Team Jacob): It relates to young people. They're books that you can enjoy and read all over again, it's better than Harry Potter because it's a bit older.

Khye, 12, (Team Edward): I like Twilight more than Harry Potter. It's not an average vampire, I think it's a better vampire, they can go out in the sun. My favourite character is Alice because she's very happy and dandy. I've seen all of the trailers at least 10 times! Chloe Davies


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