How much wind can the Home Movie Screens handle?

Movie Screens Using outdoor movie screens from Open Air Cinema opens up the possibilities of having inflatable movie screens being let open to the elements. The freedom of being able to take your screen almost anywhere presents environmental challenges that might alter your screening, but with a little planning you'll be able to arrange a safe, enjoyable screening for all to enjoy.

Our Movie Screens are Able to Stand up to any Weather Your Audience Can

Our movie screens are field-tested to withstand winds of up to 20 miles per hour, so if there's a possibility that the winds in your area will top that, it would be best to reschedule your screening for another day. In addition to the safety concerns involved, your audience probably wouldn't enjoy or be comfortable while watching a movie in 20+ mile per hour conditions anyway. To put it simply, our movie screens are build to handle any wind speed that your audience will be able to comfortably watch a movie in. Also, Open Air Cinema screens feature the highest wind ratings in the outdoor movie screen industry, so you'll be able to breath easy even if some unwanted weather creeps in while a screening is underway. Our screens are engineered to bring you years of enjoyment, even when they are used in less-than desirable conditions.

В Our Movie Screens are Versatile

Wind damage shouldn't be much of an issue regarding you outdoor movie screens. Our movie screens are build to withstand many conditions so the only thing you'll have to worry about is what movie to watch.

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