How to Win a 20' Outdoor Movie System through Project CineHope: Tap Your Email List

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How to Win a 20' Outdoor Movie System through Project CineHope: Tap Your Email List

Project CineHope is off to a great start, as dozens of organizations around the world have stated their case for why they deserve to win the Open Air Cinema 20' Home outdoor movie system. Entering the contest only takes a few minutes. В All you have to do is state how your organization will use the 20' System if you win, and any other information that will help promote your cause. В The organization with the most votes by June 15, 2012 will be the winner of the outdoor movie system (terms and conditions apply, so be sure to read them by clicking here). To help you get as many votes as possible, we'll be posting some ideas over the coming months about how you can spread the word about your organization. In addition, we've created a page on our site with a handful of ideas about how you can secure more votes through your networks. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 if you have any questions about Project CineHope, or fill out our online contact form by clicking here. In this post, we'll be discussing how to tap your organization's email list to reach out to your community.

Use Your Email List to Win an Outdoor Movie System

One of the most direct ways that you can communicate to your organization is through your email list. Everyone has an email address, and contacting your members directly through their email is a great way to ensure that they are aware of your participation in the CineHope contest. Here are a couple ideas about how to put an email campaign together in order to get more votes for your organization:
  1. Link directly to your CineHope statement. When you send out your email, make sure to link your main image and your text directly to your CineHope statement where supporters can vote for your organization. When you click through to your individual post, you'll see the link outlined in red below, that will show you your individual URL. В This is the link you should use when sending out an email to your organization.
    outdoor movies CineHope
  2. Have an engaging Call to Action.В To get the highest click through rate, use a compelling image that will catch the interest of your community, with a giant call to action button in the center with a button that says something like "vote now!", or "click to support!". You'll know what the best thing is to do for your organization, but placing a call to action button front and center will make it easy for your members to support your cause. Again, make sure to link this image directly to your CineHope statement URL.
  3. Use a catchy subject line.В  Subject lines are a huge part of creating a successful email campaign, as this is the first thing your members will see in their email inbox. В The best practice for subject lines is to make sure it is simple, straightforward, and peaks the curiosity of the members of your organization. To find out what really works, split your email blast in half and test two different subject lines. Although there is tons of information out there about how to make a great subject line, the best way is to test directly with your email list.
  4. Follow up. В A successful email campaign is exactly that, a campaign, not just a single email blast. В You'll need to follow up regularly with your organization throughout the CineHope contest, to rally their votes and to gather the support of their networks. As you send emails, you'll learn what works best, and you'll have a higher success rate in the future.
  5. Use an Email Program or Analytics Tool.В When you use an email company to compile and send your emails, you'll have a better delivery rate, and you'll be able to see some great statistics about what is working or not working in your emails. If you send through your own email client, there are ways to track your links such as through Google analytics or other tracking tools. В Tracking the success of your email is essential to making sure you improve your campaign, and so you know if your message is getting out there.

Other Ideas to Get More Votes For Your Outdoor Movie System

As we stated earlier, there are many ways to rally your organization's interest and to get many votes so you can win the CineHope contest and the 20' Outdoor Movie System. We'll be posting a number of ways of how you can galvanize the support of your community over the next few months, but we've also created a page that will help you get started. Click here to see more ideas about how you can secure votes to win the CineHope contest. Contact us today at 866-802-8202 if you have any questions about Project CineHope or how an outdoor movie system can help your community in significant ways.

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