What's the Difference Between the Home Inflatable Movie Screen vs Pro Screen

inflatable movie screen.   At Open Air Cinema, we make it easy to bring the magic of the movies to your own backyard, community space, or business event. You may be asking yourself which screen is right for your specific screening needs and preferences, and see some similarities between our Open Air Home and Pro series inflatable movie screen. While we offer both products in the same widths- 9', 12', 16', and 20', the main differences in the screens are the materials that we use and the design of the inflatable structure.

Inflatable Movie Screen

For both the Home and Pro series inflatable movie screenВ you can entertain up to 30 individuals with the 9' screen, 100 with the 12', 250 with the 16', and 500 with the 20'. So whether you are entertaining a few family members and friends in your yard or hosting a larger scale screening at a party, neighborhood park, or corporate event, we have a screen that will work for a number of occasions. Picking the right movie screen is an important decision, as your Open Air Cinema movie inflatable movie screen is an investment that will last for years to come.

Inflatable Movie Screen

Our Home Screen is a vertical structure and requires tethers to stand up, which are included with the product. The structure is made out of nylon, and the projection surface is wide screen and matte white. The inflatable movie screen is not washable and washing it will void its 90 day warranty. Our Pro Screen has additional support in the back, forming an L shape. This allows it to be free standing, although it also comes with tethers for added stability. The structure is made out of a durable vinyl, and comes with a 1-year warranty. The projection surface is also wide screen and matte white, but it is wrinkle free, removable and machine washable. For proper care, you must wash on gentle with environmentally friendly soaps and air dry. The vinyl can also be hosed down. We therefore recommend the Pro Screen over the Home Screen if you are using the inflatable movie screen near water, such as a pool or pond, since it is more durable and water-resistant.

Inflatable Movie Screen

Set-up for both the Home and Pro Screens is quick and easy. Both screens come with a powerful air blower that will inflate the screen in a matter of seconds to minutes, depending on the size. No matter which inflatable movie screen you choose, rest assured that with Open Air Cinema you are getting the best in outdoor theater technology. inflatable movie screen.  

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