These are three ways in which you can use Open Air Cinema line-up indoors

As our name suggests, Open Air Cinema projection equipment is designed with outdoor conditions in mind. Our company is well-known for manufacturing huge screens that are simply just too big for most indoor locations.
But this doesn't necessarily mean that you do not benefit from our equipment's advantages during your indoor events. And after the high season is over you don't have to put your Open Air Cinema Pro System into storage until good weather is back.

Here are three ways to use your Open Air Cinema console indoors:

Scenario #1 Halloween screening in the school gym

We design our screens to be durable and road-ready. Our blowers inflate the screens in a matter of minutes. But when used indoors their humming can be heard when your media is on silent. By design, the blower maintains constant pressure inside the screen. So it can be a bit distractive indoors. For indoor application, we would recommend the use of our sound-dampening blower boxes.

For those of you who own Cinebox Pro 12' or 16' Systems, there is no need to install fixed screen for your Halloween movie night. Just use your complete Pro System with the muffler.

Scenario #2 - Plan B. When your outdoor film program is rained on

Our typical client is a film festival organizer that wants to entertain her audience under the stars. But when it starts to rain and you activate your Plan B (moving indoors) just detach your projection surface from the inflatable Elite screen and secure it on a wall of your Plan B venue. Or mount the Elite screen surface with holes and bungees on a metal frame for a longer use indoors (see picture below). Sigh of relief: No need for any other equipment!

Scenario #3 Open Air Cinema Audio-Video Console as part of your event ecosystem

In addition to film screenings, more applications of your Open Air Cinema Pro Console and Projector are on the table:
  • Powerful 1080p HD projectors are great for business presentations.
  • Open Air Cinema Pro Console's state-of-the-art four-channel audio mixer that you can easily connect to the existing audio infrastructure.
  • Use our Event Producer's Tackle Box for all the necessary adapters to integrate almost any environment.

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