Warwick Long Bay, Bermuda: Outdoor Movies at the Bermuda International Film Festival

Outdoor Movies in BermudaThe story of the Bermuda International Film Festival is one of steady growth and development. Identifying a passion for independent art house films in Bermuda, the festival was launched in 1997, screening 22 films in two theaters over seven days. Today, it screens more than 70 films over nine days in four theaters and have been recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a Qualifying Festival for the Short Film Academy Award. They also feature outdoor movies as part of the festivities. In addition to the March festival of international cinema, they also present the BIFF Kids Children's Film Festival. Held annually in October, BIFF Kids has become a popular fixture on the island's arts calendar for our younger film buffs. BIFF was delighted to assist the Bermuda Department of Tourism with a new event, Movies on the Beach, during the summer of 2006. The event attracted more than 8,000 film fans to Warwick Long Bay over four nights. This outdoor movie attraction has become a regular fixture for the Bermuda International Film Festival. Here is a personal account of the outdoor movies at BIFF: Today we went to a new event called "Movies on the Beach", which is being presented by the Bermuda Internation Film Festival (BIFF) and the Bermuda Department of Tourism. An outdoor theatre has be assembled on Warwick Long Bay beach, with a very large movie screen (much live a drive-in screen). We went to the opening night of the event and so did many other people -- I was surprised how many turned out for the event. After setting up our camping chairs, we were a little concerned that we were too far away to read the subtitles of The House of Flying Daggers, which is in Mandarin. We had nothing to worry about, but there were people who were sitting twice as far away from the screen as us. The House of Flying Daggers was very good. Few movies can truly be called works or art, but this one qualifies. You could take hundreds of frames from this movie and they would do well in photography contests. The colors and camera work are amazing. If you haven't seen it, you should definitely do so, (ideally on a huge screen on the beach). http://www.markcarey.com/cgi-bin/mt/tb.fcgi/41127 BIFF official website: www.bermudafilmfest.com

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