Upgrading Your Open Air Cinema System

Outdoor Movie

Have you grown out of your Open Air Cinema Outdoor Movie system? Do you wish you had a larger inflatable movie screen that could entertain more guests, community members, or customers? Would you like to upgrade to an Open Air Cinema product if you have a portable movie screen from a different company? Well, you're in luck! Open Air Cinema is now accepting used inflatable movie screen equipment for trade-in value towards the purchase of a new Open Air Cinema inflatable screen or audio visual equipment.В  We'll take your entire system, and upgrade you to a system or product that will better meet your needs. The latest craze in the outdoor movie industry is HD entertainment, and with the declining prices of high definition outdoor projectors and outdoor speakers, a full HD outdoor cinema experience can be the pleasure of any outdoor movie enthusiast! You'll be amazed at the difference between standard definition and OAC True HD, and you'll never go back after you experience the magic of the movies in high clarity under the stars. Trading in your old audio visual equipment for brand new high definition gear will help your pocketbook, while giving you the clarity you're used to. Contact us today to receive a custom quote for trading in your old outdoor movie gear for state-of-the-art HD audio visuals, and a larger screen for the ultimate outdoor cinema experience! We look forward to making the most of your trade in, and to helping you get the gear you've always wanted.

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