The Unmatched Wonder Of An Outdoor Movie Screen

Outdoor Movie Screen Recently while reading, we came across a story about the first drive in theater to run in all digital. Also the outdoor movie screen comes in at a whopping 80 feet, the largest in the nation. They are located in, of all places Hermosa, South Dakota. We have to admit, we had no clue where that is. It turns out that it's kinda out there. It's a small town of about 400 people about 18 miles south of Rapid City South Dakota. This is exciting news, an outdoor movie screen in a small town of 400 people in South Dakota? How was this possible?

What an Outdoor Movie Screen Can Do For Your Community

While you may be balking at the idea of and 80 foot outdoor movie screen going up in one of the most obscure places in the nation, we also bet that if you are anything like us, you are considering a road trip to this tiny town right now just to see what this outdoor movie screen is all about. What better way to get the community, surrounding residents, and maybe even national interest than putting up a huge outdoor movie screen? We outdoor movie series seen time and time again, from the single family home, to the local startup company, to the parks and rec division of a city, to the college campus, to international fundraisers utilize an outdoor movie screen to achieve this very same concept that Roy Reitenbaugh is doing in Hermosa, South Dakota. He is gathering a crowd of people dedicated to supporting him and his endeavor.

Open Air Cinema is here to Help

As we posted here there is a movement towards outdoor spaces and utilizing them and the beauty that already surrounds us to continue to maximize our entertainment and relaxation capabilities. People all over are coupling the inherent activities of spring, summer, and fall like dinners, barbecues, events, parties, or just the simple drinks on the lawn with friends with modern, high tech, and mobile entertainment. An outdoor movie screen is a great fit for all of those. So you may now, like us, want to both go on that road trip as well as host your own event with an outdoor movie screen. Well we have you covered, at least when it comes to hosting your own outdoor movie screen event. Check out our Home, Pro, and Elite systems. We have the whole range of what you may need.

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