The Ultimate Birthday Party With Outdoor Movies From Open Air Cinema!

Do you want to make that special person's upcoming birthday memorable for years to come? Maybe you're not sure what to get them for a present, but you want something that is unique and special. Look no further than Open Air Cinema's Cinebox Outdoor Movie systems! Our state of the art outdoor movie systems come with an inflatable screen and professional outdoor projector and outdoor speaker system. When giving an outdoor movie system as a birthday present, you won't just be giving them a physical present, but will be gifting something that is much more valuable and meaningful - an experience they can enjoy with family and friends over and over again! Outdoor movies aren't meant to be enjoyed by one person, but are designed to bring people together to share the magic of the movies under the stars. Open Air Cinema's outdoor movie systems aren't just for watching your favorite flicks, but can be utilized for the ultimate gaming setup, karaoke, professional conferences, weddings, or to project your favorite team as if you were right on the sidelines! The possibilities are endless when it comes to using your outdoor movie screen system from Open Air Cinema, and with our advanced designs, setup is a no brainer. Simply plug in your portable movie screen fan, and your air screen will be setup in a matter of seconds! The advancement of digital outdoor projector technology has made HD projectors very affordable. So when you purchase your outdoor movie system from Open Air Cinema, make sure to upgrade to OAC True HD, the standard in high definition outdoor entertainment! With OAC True HD, your outdoor movie image will be drop dead gorgeous, and paired with crystal clear audio to create an experience that will match what you've come to expect of high definition entertainment. Contact us today to find out how an Open Air Cinema system is the perfect gift for your upcoming Birthday event! A friendly Open Air Cinema associate will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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