What Type of Material are Open Air Home Inflatable Screens Made of?

Inflatable Screens The quality and type of material that your inflatable screens is made of is extremely important in creating the perfect surface on which to project your movie. In addition to great functionality while being projected upon, the inflatable screens material is also important to ensure durability and a long life. At Open Air Cinema, our inflatable screens are made with our own patented designs that utilize a stretchable, wrinkle-resistant material that provides a high-gain surface to display your favorite movies. Once you turn on your projector you'll be in awe of our screen material's vivid, high-definition display.

В Inflatable Screens Material is Versatile

Open Air Cinema outdoor theater systems also use an extra-tough Ripstop nylon in the inflatable screens frames that houses your projection screen. Routinely tested by our in-house staff, Ripstop nylon makes for the perfect material for our theater system enclosures due to it's light weight, strength, and versatility. Developed during World War II for use in parachutes, Ripstop nylon is a trusted material used in many modern day applications such as hot air balloons, yacht sails, and camping equipment. Known for its strength and resistance to the elements, Ripstop nylon will make sure that you're getting the most from your inflatable screens for years to come.

В Inflatable Screens Made with Quality

You can be sure that no matter which model of Open Air Cinema's inflatable screensВ you choose, you'll be getting the best high-grade materials incorporated into your outdoor movie system. We're always working are to make sure that you get the most out of your outdoor theater experience, and you'll be able see the quality of our design and construction shine through, year after year.

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