Tricities, Washington: Smoovies Outdoor Movies Expands to Richland Parks in Tricities, Washington

Outdoor Movies in Richland, WashingtonThe economy is changing the way people do business, but here's a sign things might not be so bad. They're not closing, they're moving. A few well-known local shops are changing locations to get closer to the crowds. Store owner Carolyn Wang is packing up her outdoor movies and moving out. Her Smoovie shop is part smoothies, part movies and a sprinkling of other entertainment for the kiddies. It's a big hit in the summer, with a 30 foot outdoor movie screen. But now she's taking the big screen to a bigger space. "This year we signed a contract with city of Richland to offer our free outdoor movies in their parks," said Wang. And so Smoovies is moving from Keene to Richland's Downtown Parkway. That way they're closer to John Dam Plaza for the movies and closer to more foot traffic. "There have been several challenges with this old location, we are tucked away no signage and no visibility," said Wang. And Smoovies isn't the only Richland business making a move, Rising Moon Gallery is popping up in Kennewick. There moving to the shopping area near Bed Bath and Beyond. The owner says it was either move or close down. Dee Meeds knows very well how much work goes into moving a whole business, they've moved twice in in the two decades in business. But Meeds says it's time to go, rent has gone up 20% and sales have stayed slow. "Christmas time really hit home with me by the mall all their parking lots were full even in the snow storm and we could only get five people through the door," said Meeds. The Columbia Center Location is going to be a smaller space and Meeds is going to have to get rid of a third of her furniture. But she says it's the way she's adapting to the economy instead of letting the economy get the best of her business. Source: "Business Making Big Moves" by Molly Kelleher -KEPRTV. Read full article at:

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