The top Documentaries That Will Inspire Your Audience at Your Outdoor Movie Screening

Outdoor Movie Documentaries are grounded in true stories and can be incredibly inspiring to a wide range of audiences when made well. В  Consider bringing this to your community, classroom or just your family by planning an outdoor movieВ series over the summer hosting powerful documentaries that inspire, engage and teach. Open Air Cinema is happy to point to a selection of their most inspiring documentaries to come out recently that have the potential to be especially riveting as part of an outdoor movie series. В  Keep in mind several of these selections are appropriate for teenagers and older.

An Inspiring Story for you outdoor movie screening

Man on Wire, is considered by many one of the most complicated and poignant documentary films of recent years.В  Consider screening this powerful feature at your outdoor movie series and tell your audience the astonishing tale of Pillipe Petit, a French tight-rope walker who walked between the two World Trade Centers in New York in 1974.В  With the later tragedy of 9/11 this film about one man's crazy dream becomes all the more inspiring.

Two powerful nature documentaries for your outdoor movie screening

Another great film for your outdoor movie series is particularly perfect for showing while out under the stars, Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man. В  This feature tells the story of Timothy Treadwell, a conservationist who lived in the wild with grizzly bears for 13 summers.В  A tale of love of nature and dancing close to danger, it has a tragic ending not appropriate for younger audiences but the arc is fascinating for many adults, especially as part of an outdoor movie under the stars. BLACKFISH is another recent very well-received documentary by Gabriela Cowperthwaite about large orcas, or killer whales.В  Watch these majestic animals on the big screen as an outdoor movie and be moved by their complicated story.В  The feature gets into the difficulty of training them and the mishandling of large orcas by big industry sea parks. В  Watching this outdoor movie under the stars is especially inspiring as Cowperthwaite gets into the animals incredible intelligence and capacity to build relationships with the trainers and fellow Orcas.

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