Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Outdoor Movie System Now

Outdoor Movies Contact us today to order your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system by calling 866-802-8202.В  We'd love to discuss the reasons why purchasing an outdoor movie system now will be the most beneficial to you and your group. Spring is here, and everyone is excited for the 2011 outdoor movie season! There are hundreds of days of outdoor entertainment in the year, and we are excited to enjoy each and every one of them.В  Now is the time to purchase your inflatable movie screen system.В  There are many advantages to acquiring your Open Air Cinema early on in the season, and we thought we'd share our top 5: 1. The top reason to purchase your outdoor movie system now is that you'll have your system for more of the year, thus allowing you to enjoy and utilize it to it's full capacity.В  Whether you are a military group or municipality, or a family of 5, purchasing your outdoor movie system early on in the season will give you the full benefit of enjoying your favorite films under the stars, whether in the Spring, Summer, or Fall. 2. The second reason is that if you are a municipality or military group that purchases goods on a budgetary basis, it is easier to allocate funds early on in the year.В  You may have already set your budget for the year, but trying to work things out mid-year can be a real headache.В  This may not apply to everybody, as some fiscal cycles start at different times of the year, but for the majority of groups, purchasing early can be a big advantage. 3. If you are planning on training a crew of employees to run your outdoor movie events for the upcoming year, acquiring your equipment early on will ensure that you are ready to go for the annual film series or outdoor movie family night.В  Although Open Air Cinema's outdoor movie systems are easy to operate, you'll want to make sure that your technicians are trained in every possible scenario, so that your events will run as smoothly as possible.В  Training early on will ensure that this will happen. 4. Springtime is one of the best seasons to host an outdoor movie festival, and so purchasing your system now will allow you to host a series of events in the cool night air of Springtime.В  Your community has been cooped up indoors all winter long, and they are itching to get out and enjoy the change of weather.В  There is no better time to galvanize your community than during Spring, and establishing your outdoor movie events now will hook your audience for the rest of the year. 5. If you're looking to fund-raise with your outdoor movie system, establishing your campaign early on will help you gain a momentum that will enable you to reach your annual goals.В  Starting early will give you the very best advantage, and will ensure that you reach as many donors as possible throughout the year.В  In short, having your outdoor movie system now will mean more money in the long run. Contact us today by calling 866-802-8202 (or by using our online contact form) to purchase your Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system! Given the reasons above, you won't regret acquiring your outdoor movie system now.В  We look forward to talking to you soon!

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