Top 25 Outdoor Movie: Wall-E

For our next Top 25 Outdoor Movie, we're reviewing WALL-E, the hit animation from Disney / Pixar that will entertain every member of your community, both old and young. But as usual, here is the official trailer for the film: WALL-E is a story about a little robot WALL-E (acronym for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class), who's job is to clean up all the junk that humans have left behind after leaving planet earth. He is the last robot left on earth (as far as we can tell), and goes about his programmed duty of cleaning up and compacting trash. But one day he runs into another robot, named EVE, who is sent to earth to find any remaining plant life. WALL-E takes EVE back to his home to show her around, and she detects a plant that WALL-E recently found. She then turns into auto-mode, and waits for her mother ship to come back and retrieve her and the living plant. Once the mother ship comes, WALL-E clings on for dear life, and is taken to Axiom, the flagship of the BnL starliner fleet, and the place where humans now reside. EVE and WALL-E are then taken on a supensful yet fun ride as they try to save humanity by getting the human race back to earth. WALL-E will make a great outdoor movie as it is filled with funny episodes that will make everyone laugh, as well as tender moments that make one reflect on our responsibility over keeping the planet clean. The film one an Oscar for the "Best Animated Feature Film of the Year", and no-doubt, it deserved it. Again, as with any animation, WALL-E will project bright and crisp as it is high in contrast, with loud, crisp sound - all of which make it a great pick for your next outdoor movie. And even though many of your community members may have already seen this film a number of times, WALL-E will bring the crowd out. One way to encourage community members to come out for your screening is to emphasize the size of the screen. Let them know the image will be huge, and that it is just like seeing the film in the theaters again! Another idea is to have a robot costume contest before the show! You'll be surprised at how many people will come out in costume to try to win prizes from your local businesses. This makes the outdoor movie event fun and exciting, and will add to the experience in a way that will make it unique and memorable. Again, as with all Disney Movies, remember to make sure you check with Swank Motion Pictures about the special circumstances in screening Disney films. There are specific dates set aside when you can screen Disney films, so make sure to check ahead to see what the dates are for 2010. With the right planning, you'll be able to screen your favorite Disney film with no problems. Click here to see the link for Monsters Inc. on Swank's website. And as always, if anyone has screened WALL-E as an outdoor movie, we'd love to hear your story! Send us an email at, or post your story to the comment section below!

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