Time Lapse of Open Air Screen in Kilifi, Kenya

http://vimeo.com/13134232 The Field of Dreams team has posted some timelapsed video footage of the installation of their Open Air Cinema screen in Mnarani football field in Kenya. The footage was taken over a period of 2 hours as the team set up the CineBox system for a screening of World Cup football matches to local villagers. Stuart Farmer from Open Air Cinema has been in Kenya training a team of young local girls to operate the CineBox system. In cooperation with Google and the Moving the Goalposts program the girls have passed through the training courses and are now setting up the inflatable screen by themselves every night. You can see how excited the children are as they mug for the camera while impatiently waiting for the outdoor projector to light up. Also watch for the downpour of Kilifi monsoon rain about half way through. For more information visit kenyafieldofdreams.wordpress.com.

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