How to Throw a Fourth of July Film Festival in the Backyard

The Fourth of July is a great time for an outdoor movie!

The Fourth of July isn't a holiday like any other. While many holidays in America involve the gathering of family and friends around the dinner table, Independence Day is a holiday that involves a lot of different activities. There are parades and pie-eating contests. There are big barbecues and big games to work off all that food you just gorged on.

Remember, too, that this is a holiday which takes place smack dab in the middle of the summer. So, odds are, it's going to be a hot one. If you're going to keep up the celebration of all thing American, you're definitely going to need a little bit of respite. In between sunset and the first burst of fireworks in the sky is the perfect time to set up your inflatable screen and have an evening of cinema under the stars. With the right outdoor movie and some good planning, you can turn your backyard into the ultimate Fourth of July party destination.

Before Sunset

If you're looking to be the evening hotspot for Independence Day, the best way to start bringing the people is with some good food. You won't be able to project a visible image on your inflatable screen until nautical twilight anyway, so kick everything off with a barbecue. If you can, try and tie the menu to your movie selection. You could watch Air Force One, where Russians try to take over the President's plane, and serve borscht and burgers beforehand! Before twilight comes around, while everyone's digesting and dialoguing, take the opportunity to set up your inflatable screen then. You'll only need a short window of time to get everything assembled for showtime. If you get it done and have some time left over before sunset, put on some tunes. Hits like Coming to America by Neil Diamond or Born in the U.S.A. by Bruce Springsteen or even Hendrix's rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner will be sure to put everyone in the patriotic spirit!

Set up your inflatable screen for a patriotic film festival!

Before the Fireworks

Depending on where your house sits in the community, you might be able to see your hometown's big official fireworks display. Many of these displays don't get going until a couple of hours into the night - which is the perfect time to take a small respite in front of the inflatable screen, stretching out on a blanket for some cinema under the stars. If you have some time before it gets dark enough to screen the movie, have some fun. Play some catch in the yard or maybe hold a patriotic costume contest. Whatever you end up doing, the right movie on your inflatable screen will be the best part of your evening. After all, the only thing nearly as majestic as a night sky filled with fireworks, is a little bit of cinema under the stars. Be sure to see some of our upcoming lists of PATRIOTIC PICTURES FOR YOUR INFLATABLE SCREEN for some good 4th of July film ideas!

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