This Colombian woman set an amazing goal for herself: garner mobile cinema experience from world over

Laura Silva RoldГЎn talks to a group of students in northern Colombia Laura Silva RoldГЎn talks to a group of students in northern Colombia.
On these pages you would occasionally seeВ us talk about the lack of properВ movie eventsВ in many parts of the world.
WithВ only 5% of cities and townships that have cinemas, the Latin American nation ofВ Colombia is not an exception.
What makes this nation of almost 50 million stand out is an initiative pioneered byВ Laura Silva RoldГЎn.
There are actually a number of them. But first things first.
I'm very interested and passionate about mobile cinema, since I started in 2012 I've realized how powerful this very simple idea is and I've realized there are all kinds of mobile cinemas in the world that most people don't know about.
Graduate of University of Cinema in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Laura is currentlyВ researching for aВ film with a working titleВ Itinerant.В Her goal is to gather the experiences of mobile cinemas in Colombia, United States, Uruguay, Mexico, Peru, the UKВ andВ Netherlands.В And South Africa -- why not! Think
It is also a prelude of a project we're developing for implementing basic mobile cinema infrastructures to run permanently in small, rural and decentralized urban spaces [in the Global South].
Thus cultural events can be provided to such communitiesВ all the time,В at a low cost.
"One of the main goals is also to collect films around the world which constitute a Content Bank for community screenings and mobile cinemas around the globe," Laura explains.
With aВ 12-year experience asВ a girl scout and nowВ as head ofВ Cine Vagabundo (The Wandering Cinema), a Colombian non-profit, Laura recently visited Open Air Cinema HQ in Utah to inspire us into a partnership.
And Laura is definetely good at that having previously secured support from such partners asВ Colombian Ministry of Culture,В NBC The National Broadcasting Company, Brandeis University (both USA),В BRITDOC, a UK-based nonprofit dedicated to reinventing funding & distribution for independent documentary filmmakers.
A Cine Vagabundo screening A Cine Vagabundo screening.

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