Thibodaux, Louisiana: Super Bowl Fans Take the Party Outdoors with an Outdoor Projector and Screen

Outdoor Projector and Screen Make Outdoor Super Bowl Party PossibleSome people are known for their elaborate Mardi Gras festivities, huge Christmas bashes or other holiday gatherings. But for a certain segment of the population, the party of the year, along with various traditions and rituals, revolves around another sacred day: Super Bowl Sunday. For these gridiron devotees, the big game serves as inspiration for a big party. This year's Super Bowl features a battle between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. The game airs at 5 p.m. Feb. 1 on NBC. Jared Gros of Thibodaux uses the Super Bowl to gather his friends and family at his home. Gros holds his Super Bowl parties in his backyard home-made outdoor cinema, where he and a tech-savvy friend set up an outdoor projector screen measuring at least eight feet by six feet and surround-sound speakers. Everybody can hear all the commercials real well, he said. The game is projected onto the screen, usually visible even from the roadway running in front of Gros' home. Gros also rents bounce equipment with obstacle courses and other features for children who attend the party and sometimes adults, too. Partygoers sometimes entertain each other with karaoke at half time and usually play a line pool game. Taking the party outdoors makes for an original and memorable event. Outdoor movies in backyards has been growing in popularity, along with a resurgence in drive-in nostalgia. This is just another way an outdoor cinema system can bring friends and neighbors together for a fun experience. For the last five years, Gros has thrown the International Buffet Super Bowl Party, featuring Mexican, Chinese, Creole and other kinds of dishes from places across the globe. Each party guest would adopt a country and bring a dish associated with that place. The party usually includes 40 to 50 people, but Gros expects 60 to 70 this year, including new golfing buddies, so the international buffet has been scrapped in exchange for a simpler meal: a big pot of jambalaya and a big pot of white beans, combined with appetizers supplied by guests. The outdoor projector, large screen and surround sound combined with gathering close friends together make the party a hit, Gros said. Excerpt from "Super Bowl fans prepare to get in the party zone" by Laura McKnight Read full article at:

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