The Inflatable Movie Screen Brings the Cinema Outdoors!

Outdoor Movie EventsGet a chair, some popcorn and get ready for a movie experience outside? With an inflatable movie screen, watching movies outside is as easy as watching at home on the couch. Whether the event is for family or a stadium full of people, the inflatable movie screen can make any venue into an outdoor movie theater. The inflatable screen is made of durable materials which, when anchored properly, can withstand winds up to 25 mph. The inflatable movie screen also has a blower attached, which allows the screen to maintain a constant internal pressure, making it a stable structure. Because the construction of the durable inflatable movie screen, it can be used and re-used hundreds of times. The screens themselves are puncture-proof, with a quiet air blower keeping inflation constant. Various manufacturers use inflation technology that captures air, much like an air mattress. The key is to choose a high quality inflatable movie screen that has a constant pressure, to avoid deflation issues. Because the inflatable movie screen is used with air, it can actually float on a pool! This makes for a fun, pool party experience. With the right projector setup, watching a favorite movie outside on a giant inflatable movie screen can make any party event fun. Each inflatable movie screen comes in various sizes. Screens can be as big as 16′x9′ or as small as 9′x5′. For large events or small gatherings, the right outdoor inflatable movie screen can make either event a great experience for everyone in attendance. An inflatable movie screen is an investment that will pay off for any event whether it's a fund-raiser, a party or a film festival. To find the best packages and an affordable inflatable movie screen, browse through the site now, or call 1-866-802-8202 for more information. Open Air Cinema manufactures the finest outdoor cinema equipment available. From purchase to rental, Open Air Cinema lets anyone play it big!

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