The Evolution of Central Media Console

In the heart of every Outdoor Movie System there’s a Central Media Console. It is your command center from which you choose the content to show to your audience, set the volume and make sure your screening goes smoothly.

Central Media Console is meant to keep your devices and wires organized and safe. It needs to be lightweight, yet durable enough.

In 2000s, when Open Air Cinema was established our first efforts to develop the perfect Central Media Console looked like this:

Old Open Air Cinema Cinebox

The very first Open Air Cinema CineBox™ was a DVD player, audio mixer and hard plastic case for portability and organized storage. But after gathering customer feedback and collecting our own user experience features started to develop.

In 2021 there are way more applications for your Home CineBox™.

The current model of Open Air Cinema Home CineBox™ reflects the modern way of using Home Theater System.

Each CineBox™ is equipped with Bluetooth audio input, because all the music is now in your phone. Blu-ray player can still play DVDs and your collection of audio CDs, but now it has Wi-Fi built-in to stream Netflix and YouTube. The power distribution is implemented with power conditioner that also enables clean audio signal output to your speakers. All the electronic components are rack-mounted in a portable case-bag.

Every day we keep our eyes out for the innovations and industry progress to implement the new features in Home CineBox™. So what comes next in 2022? We don’t know yet but we are sure that it is going to be exciting!

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