Tartu, Estonia: Outdoor Movie Festival on Tartu Town Hall Square

Outdoor Movie Festival on Tartu Town Hall Square Outdoor Movies on Tartu Twon Hall SquareThe general theme of tARTuFF is love in its all variations. The main film programme with 12 feature films will be screened in the open air 1000-seat ‘screening hall' of Tartu Town Hall Square. The opening film of the festival this year is "Taarka", a world premiere of new Estonian-Finnish co-production about Seto singer Taarka. Supplementary film programme of documentaries will be screened in Athena Cultural Centre. There are films about ethnic minorities, illegal immigration, life in multicultural countries and stories of people who try to change themselves. But tARTuFF is not only about screenings. In 2008 when Europe celebrates the Year of Intercultural Dialogue, tARTuFF organizes open lectures that tackle the subject of cultural differences. The objective of these thematic presentations and discussions in the Culture Lab is to teach and learn more about different (sub)cultures, religions and worldviews, thereby celebrating the broad diversity of human experiences. Additional events will take place in the festival's central gathering place - Paulig Coffee Tent, situated right at the Town Hall Square. Following the open lectures every evening there will be a poetry reading by renowned Estonian male poets and the right atmosphere for love films that begin at 22:00 will be created with concerts by young Estonian singers. There are more events during tARTuFF that look forward to active audience participation - the photography contest "The Love of Tartu" is open for all. Professional jury will select the best photos that will then be exhibited in the Tartu Town Hall Square during tARTuFF. All screenings and lectures are free of charge for everyone. Viewers are invited to choose their favourite film among the 24 films screened. See you in Tartu!

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