System upgrades that our clients request most frequently

When we come up with a list of components for Open Air Cinema complete outdoor movie systems, we rely on our 20+ years of experience of organizing outdoor movie events. We also learn from our vast network of clients, outdoor projection professionals.
Open Air Cinema Pro Complete System Before Installation
As a result, when you purchase our complete outdoor movie system what you get is a well-rounded solution.

However there are a lot of use cases when it comes to the outdoor movie equipment. Our team is always happy to discuss specific needs, customization options and upgrades.

Below, you can find out the most frequent upgrades we did on behalf of our clients. Perhaps this can inspire you for something similar.

Brighter projector and 4K resolution

Projector brightness is one of the most important values that informs the projector price as well as image quality. Higher brightness lets you begin the event several minutes earlier, use the same projector with different screen sizes (the bigger the screen the brighter your projector needs to be), and creates creates an overall impression of a higher quality image.
Projector in a case - one of the Open Air Cinema complete outdoor movie system
The Open Air Cinema Pro lineup includes a standard projector with a laser light source. While the Open Air Cinema Home complete outdoor movie systems comes with a bulb standard projector, for affordability.

Many of our Home lineup clients request an upgrade to a laser projector. Sometimes our customers don't want to cut corners on image quality and request a high-end 4K resolution projector.

More speakers and subwoofer

Deep and powerful bass is what creates a truly cinematic experience, under the stars. One of the most frequent requests regarding the audio is adding a subwoofer to the PA (portable audio system) that goes with the movie system.

Adding another pair of speakers to the standard stereo pair is good for large venues and to distribute audio equally to all the viewers. Luckily, outdoor movie systems benefit from the active speaker design, which means that the audio amplifier is built into speaker — so adding another pair of speakers is as easy as bringing an additional pair of speaker cables to the venue.

Just use an audio output socket in one speaker and wire it to the input on the additional one.

Gaming console upgrade

As mentioned earlier, there is a myriad of use cases for an outdoor movie system. You can organize a video gaming tournament or enjoy playing your favorite game on a huge projection screen. In this case, Open Air Cinema will build a gaming console right into the Cinebox™ for you.

Laptop shelf

Many outdoor movie event professionals benefit from showing their content using a laptop. It allows to mix the main movie for the evening with sponsor ads and promos. For the most convenient use of a laptop with an outdoor movie system, we can build in a rack-mounted laptop shelf inside the media console.
Open Air Cinema Cinebox™ Media Console with laptop shelf
If you have a customized solution that you can't wrap your head around — get in touch and we will gladly solve that problem for you. Give us a call or drop an email today.

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