Sydney, Australia: 'Avatar' Last Outdoor Movie at Moonlight Cinema

Film lovers in Blacktown will get the last chance to watch Avatar at Sydney Moonlight Cinema on Sunday March 14. This $400 million movie has been chosen to close the open air cinema at Centennial Park's Belvedere Amphitheatre, off Oxford Street. There is no better location to experience the magic of Avatar than under the stars as the film delivers a harmonious balance between fantasy, social commentary, romance, action and state of the art CGI technology. Avatar is an experience not to be missed as it is lifted to even greater heights against the lush outdoor backdrop. Set in a distant future where humans have pillaged the Earth and are now turning to other planets to bolster their supply of natural resources, James Cameron's Avatar transports us to the savagely beautiful planet of Pandora. In an attempt to build a more harmonious relationship with the native Navi, Jake Scully (Sam Worthington) is recruited to remotely operate a human-Navi hybrid avatar. But as Jake grows closer to the natives he was ordered to infiltrate, his loyalties become tested as the threat of war between the two groups escalates. Read more...

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