Get the Super Bowl in Your Backyard this Sunday With Open Air Cinema

Super Bowl Sunday with Open Air cinema This upcoming Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday, and the Pittsburgh Steelers are heading up against the Green Bay Packers. If you're looking for the best seats in the nation, look no further than an Open Air Cinema outdoor movie system! Although it is too cold in many parts of the country to utilize an outdoor movie system this Sunday, there are parts of the country like Florida where warmer climate conditions make it possible to watch the big game right in your own backyard. Additionally, we've seen many of our customers set up their outdoor movie system indoors, for a state of the art cinema and sports-viewing experience! Most garages are large enough to accommodate either our 9' or 12' outdoor movie systems! Or, if you have access to your local community center, setting up your portable movie screen system inside of your gym will make for a great Super Bowl viewing event! Also, you could always use your Cinebox audio-visual console and outdoor projector indoors, with a white wall as a projection surface. This isn't the most ideal situation (watching the big game under the stars is really awesome!), but you'll still have the best tailgate party in the neighborhood! With a high definition OAC True HD audio-visual package, you're guaranteed to gather a crowd of friends, and to have the most popular Super Bowl party around. Call us today to order your outdoor movie equipment in time for Super Bowl Sunday! We look forward to hearing from you, and to finding a solution to help you see the big game up close!

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